Don’t be weary (because it is easy to become weary)


Most of the time, we deal with a lack of funds, a lack of communication and a lack of care.

Today, we have someone who cares about a girl in Ghana that needs help.  Zeinabu Abubakar is in the hospital, her Friend Theodora Nsiah-Yeboah is trying to help her.  We have the funds, we need to transfer them to Ghana but the banks that have robbed the American Public with rotten investements, only to be bailed out by the FED, which is not a friend of the American people, have tightened banking standards, they do not want people to move without them.

So, we have the funds, the love and interest but do not have the banks.  God is, of course, relaxed with all of this.  I need to rest in God and war makes that difficult.

I was taught that John Wayne would come over the horizon and save me but he never did.  In the Marines, the Army and now in life, I find that God does not answer all prayers and, as it was with Job, He does not explain Himself.

Most resturants and waiters / waiteresses I know hate Sunday afternoon.  That is when the American christians come talking about the love of God and make a mess, leaving more work and less tips than any other group of people.  Sigh… I grew up in resturants and it is indeed true.

Prayers, if you have them, any language or religion will do.  I think God is big enough to speak all the languages and understand faith through all religions.  Shoot me if you will but I have been to too many places in out of the way worlds where English, King Jimmy and what I believe didn’t work.  God speaks to them but hey, I think God is big enough to understand it all.

“many who are not of this house will enter the Kingdom of God”  I wonder what God meant.

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