CrownofMessiah’s Channel – YouTube

CrownofMessiah’s Channel – YouTube.

Looking at the world through other peoples eyes.  Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Islam.  My goodness, what a trip to the beach.  Can you imagine what it would be like to be locked in your room because you were a girl and you might sin by looking at a guy, or brushing him, even by accident or even liking him without the permission of the males in your household?  Then, leaving home to be told that it was a matter of honor for your family, uncles, brothers and distant relatives to kill you lest you should dishonor them?  Not the ladies in the family or the girls, but the men.  The ladies would be as upset but only kill other females on occasion.

I am looking at the eyes through a young female ex-Muslim.  I am a guy so it is hard to imagine being a girl and I am a Christian, not because I was brought up that way, though I was, I chose Christianity after some pretty extensive study.  But to look at the world through Ayaan’s eyes.. my.

I want to minister to, to give a hand to, to help the folks in Northern Nigeria.  I have a plan.  I will be teaching at ECWA and LAWNA in Jos, Nigeria and will be heading north to help folks.  That is Muslim country and it may be a bit difficult.  I have had a Muslim tell me they would kill me if they found me proselytizing Muslims.  In trying to find out exactly what he meant, I think I understand that the Muslims can say whatever they want and I can say what ever I want, once.  If I offend someone that is Muslim, they just say that I offended Muhammad or the Qur’an and then they have a right, no, maybe a requirement to kill me.

For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.  Being 60 has not been a lot of fun so maybe that is not so bad, if I can just bypass the pain; the stabbing, cutting, beating, kicking part.  That would be nice.

So, Izzy is teaching me about messianic Christianity and Ayaan is teaching me about Islam.  Then there is Maha on YouTube and a host of others from Ted and THINK from IBM and then those chaps from Japan.  Hrmmm.  learning takes a lot of time and patience to see their point of view.  Views are pointy, you know.  If you express doubts about others points of view, they might just stab you with the pointy end.

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