Changing God

Revelation.  Throughout history there have been hallmarks of change in our belief systems and what we want others to know.  If we were to go back and explain Jesus to Peter, the Apostle of Jesus that fought with him and argued with him, would Peter now the Jesus we talk about?

At the great counsels held around the world, and many of the small ones by key people, doctrines have been made and clarified.  People have died because they chose not (were lead to not) to believe what others believed.   The grand warrior who breaks into a room and in his dialect tells everyone to bow before the flag of his understanding or die and then summarily kills everyone, man woman and Child for not bowing.  Amazingly enough, this still happens today when folks boldly proclaim their thoughts and ideas to people who do not understand what they are saying.  It takes more than words for people to understand.  Moms and dads give careful instructions to kids who then do the opposite of mom and dads instructions.

So, You read the Quoran and then stab me.  It clearly says to do that.  I read it and you read it and the President of the USA gives a speech saying that it is not true.  Then someone screams that God is god and blows himself and 34 other people into whatever comes next.  I know you know what comes next and If I don’t agree with you, you will stab me too.

Missionaries working in Vietnam tell the people God is good.  They tell the people that God loves them and that America loves them and that Americans want to help.  Then, someone gets orders from someone and the bombs drop.  God’s love blows their family apart and someone says “Collateral Damage,” which means that we are not war criminals, technology failed.

Look, I know you are right.  I know that your understanding of God is perfect.  You are a Muslim, a Baptist, a Jayne, a Jew.  You are a Hindu or Pentecostal or Presbyterian or maybe an atheist.  That’s fine, please quit stabbing me while you talk.  I want to hear what you have to say and would love to talk with those of your frame of mind who have returned from death, sat and told you the stories of life beyond death but beating me with your book doesn’t help.

David danced naked before the procession of the host of God and yet, in the 60’s when people wanted to do that, they were arrested for obscenity.  Come to think of it, they were pretty obscene.  I think clothes are great.  They take the ugly I have and wrap it in various forms of hide that makes me look better, I think.  Still alligators get mates so I guess beauty is in the eye of the female.

Now, back to basics.  Those poor people who ain’t got nuttin.  There are some religions that denigrate and try to kill them.  Religions like “Rich,” and “Wealthy,” and “Elite.”  They seem to think that if the disgusting little people where annihilated, crushed, destroyed, then there would be more for them without the need of negotiation.

I got, so God blessed me.  You ain’t got so God cursed you.  It ain’t my problem that God didn’t give you what you need and just because I got, doesn’t mean I need to do nuttin about your problem.  By the way, I am not as rich as my neighbors so have pity on me God I need a Rolls Royce like the televangelist.

It seems to me, throughout history, that folks that talk about leading people to God, live in mansions and have more money than the governments of small nations are often called to account violently.  We are talking about the banks taking the money from the citizens but I don’t see an occupy the televangelists house movement.

My friends, the Rabbi, the Imam, a Priest, a Baptist hell fire preacher and a Pentecostal often met with me, individually.  We had great discussions.  Very calm and precise and very enjoyable. One day, at the restaurant in the mall, I saw first one, who came to break bread, then another, and another till there were people there from 6 different major religious sects. For the space of 10 years, or so it seemed to me, it was dead quiet.  Each of them glaring at me as if to indicate that I was with the enemy.  Each of them assuming that I was in total agreement with them.  I was, choosing to talk to each of them about what we could agree on and each of them, in turn, wanted to pick their bone.  When the sparks started, the discussions got heated, I slipped away and went to a corner where an Indian friend of mine, the janitor, stood ready to clean up the mess.

Star walker looked at me and just as the shouting became unbarable said, They came to teach us about God.  Slowly, shaking his head, he pushed a button to call security and we went to his hole in the wall for coffee.  We talked for hours about the thousands of tribes of Indians that dotted the planes of the USA before they were killed, in the name of God.  We were interrupted by a knock on the door.  The guard said that they had left and left a mess.  I spent an hour or so helping that old broken Indian clean up the mess.  Sundays were the worst for him.  Christians came to rejoice in the Lord and always did the worst damage.

Sigh.  I know you believe what you believe and are willing to kill for what you believe.  I believe what I believe and am willing to die for what I believe.  I believe that I need to make your life better by our meeting and if we happen to know or pass by someone in need, pardon me while I try to help them as well.

Maybe someone will rescind all the changes we made to God and just love one another, live comfortably, but not at the expense of those that have nothing.

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