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This morning, at 5 AM, I was cold.  I sleep on the street and try to talk to people who need God.  People are funny.  They think they need houses and cars, new clothes and, well… things.  I am 30 and have made my family very angry.  We have a family business but I believe, no… I know that God has called me to make disciples.  Disciplined learners who will take the knowledge of God to the world.  Not a small endeavor.

I go to church.  I like it.  The people gathering and singing.  People talking about what God is doing and some who have retired from the cares of this world to talk about and work toward the cares of God.  There have been many before me who have decided that they want to serve God all the time.  God said He would take care of us and that, like the animals and plants, we need not worry.

It is one thing to see these words, even read them from the writings of old.  It is quite another to tell you mum and family that you are going to go sleep on the streets with those that are not acceptable in most houses and especially the church.

As I study God, I get angry that people build larger houses while outside, people are dying from hunger and exposure.  I get angry at my church because it is such a magnificent place and yet, the leaders and workers of the church are well fed and well cared for while those that come in give to God, only to have the money go to… well, things.  One of the leaders has underclothes that are special and cost more than it costs to feed the poor in town for… maybe a long time.

So, I sit here, cold and wondering when the Sun will come up.  I hope that it is a nice warm day and not stormy but, working for God, those are not my choices to make.  People huddle.  The children against their moms, men and women and if I sit quietly, sometimes the little ones come to cuddle with me to keep warm.  I have cast off the cares of this world and dress warm for times like this.  That makes it hard when it gets warm during the day.  In the early morning, it doesn’t… well, smell so bad.  Sometimes, people and their dogs, cats and animals, huddled together like this to keep warm smell nice.  However, during the day, phew, the odors are strange. 

I had some very influential friends when I ran the family business but now, on their way to church, they go by quickly.  They can’t touch me or my friends because they will get dirty.  Can’t be dirty and talk to God.  Need new clothes and have to smell nice to be there in the temple.

The folks are moving around.  The sun is coming up.  Thank God for the changes every day.  Every second of every hour is different and then the seasons come and it is such a perfect world designed to give us pleasure.  My friend came looking for me and I sat quietly.  He peered at faces, first this and then that, trying to find me.  I did not want to talk to him about snapping out of this nonsense, going back to work and being a pillar of the community.  He and others that know me think I have gone quite mad. 

He is talking to Mary.  He is asking about me and she turns and looks me in the eye and smiles so slyly.  She told him that the one he was looking for, the stalwart businessman that … well, that other me, is no longer around.  She is a prostitute.  She went to work selling her body because that is what she had to use to feed her family and now, older and not as appealing as the young girls, has become a mother to this group of wayward folk.  My friend, is he my friend?  He was when I had money and status but now shuns me because I have nothing.  Mary brings me a cup of hot wine.  We talk about life and love and loving others. 

I finished my business and washed myself.  Others are moving about and making deals for something to eat.  Carry this or move that.  Help the people unload their produce and goods and the children.  God made so many and they need love and care to grow.  Grow into what?  They have so many choices before them. 

Today, I will feed the hungry, and give drink to the thirsty.  There are always those that are new, strangers to town that do not know what to do.  Then I collect this old garment or that castoff from some rich person and give it to someone who has nothing.  Talking about God and talking about love is easy.  Being where people need you is not such a pleasant thing.  You have to deny yourself to help others.  Then there are so many that are sick and later we will bribe one of the Roman guards to take food to prisoners.  I have a lot of work to do.

Excuse me, but my friends are not nice.  They are prostitutes, thieves and killers.  They are gang members and if you are not careful they will steal from you and maybe hurt you.  They might get you do things you would not want others to know.

Still, following God is work.  God cares for me like the lilies of the valley.

I have to go now.  Tomorrow at 4 or 5 when it is quite, I might write more.  The cares of this world are tugging at me everywhere.  I understand that my family is trying to have me arrested for being crazy.  The other day, I went to church and they were selling things.  I got a bit angry (very angry) and I chased a bunch of people out of the church for selling things.  Prayers, books, starbucks, my my, It is a house of God for prayer and care for others and they have made it a temple of style and grace, selling everything.  Well, I lost it and beat people out.  I understand that the leaders want me arrested too.  I am sure they would just kill me if they could.

Today, well, every day, I talk about God with everyone.  So, excuse me but I have to stop talking.   Matthew writes so quickly and records letters from me.  Perhaps, if you have time, at 5 tomorrow, you can bring come coffee and sweet bread but, I know you are too busy living in this world.  Perhaps you will be able to join me in the next.


When we hurt, we cry out for help. When we have, we plug our ears.

When you are in need, you pray that others will give. When you have excess, you pray the poor will go away and leave you alone. People are strange because the folks who find themselves in trouble, look for those that can help them out of their pain and insist on the least amount of sacrifice and payment. We are and will always remain poor. When we have, we rub elbows that have more, not less. Love is a choice and love requires us to look for those that are in need and then meet those needs.

I find it amusing to sit with those in need and read the Bible. People often see Jesus and Christianity as a way to encourage others to give and it is rare if it happens at all when those who have, read the same book, attend the same church and end up giving.

Perhaps we should go through our lives and ask God what is important, while inviting in the Lazarus at our gate. We often lament that they, them, have too much and should give but will not invi…See More
The world could use a good kick in the pants. – Girl Effect

the curtain torn — teaching and encouraging the exchanged life with Jesus Christ

the curtain torn — teaching and encouraging the exchanged life with Jesus Christ.

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That you would know how many have gone before you to certain death, dismemberment and torture, never giving up their belief in the face of horrible punishment, looking down now at those that call themselves Christian yet wilt in the face of Islamic Sharia Law and death with disgust at play Christians, hiding behind the joke we call pastors in buildings meant for pleasure and not sacrifice.

How many would throw down their blessings to be persecuted and punished for the living God?  Where are the men and women of God who will say no to the Islamic Brotherhood and stop the mutilation of young girls, the terror and slavery imposed on the world because they are willing to die for their beliefs and take you to Hell in your fear of standing up for Jesus Christ.

My country sent me to Hell, Vietnam.  They told me that I needed to worship country and government, to provide a place where mom and apple pie were at peace and yet, as a Christian, I find the Marines of Christ have landed, not on the shores of the Muslim Brotherhood, but on soft pews with comfortable surroundings, promising to love, worship and obey God without denying themselves and suffering nothing for Christ.

I am ashamed of the body here in America that calls itself the church.  So many gave so much for Christ to see so little happening in God’s name for God’s cause.  Why do we not unite on the streets and homes and pray against this evil that promises to destroy Christianity.

We not only excuse ourselves from this battle but refuse to deny ourselves one comfort for those that do.  God’s judgement is on America and the world is in strife and turmoil but do you simply turn the volume up on your TV to drown out the crying of those that pay with their lives for the freedom you waste on vacations and …..

God forgive us or there is no answer.


So sad

It is so sad,

More and more, when we go to visit people or contact people, we are met with “what’s in it for me.”  This attitude stops our friends from wanting to deal with people, especially people in need.  “What can I do for you,” is dead in so many places.

Once, while working in a very, very bad place, a crippled fellow came to me and asked me “What can I do for you?”  I laughed because I was dirty from sleeping on the streets so I could get to know people.  His name was Umpong, and I lamented the fact that I had no coffee.  “Cream and sugar,” he asked.  I told him yes and he went off, hobbling on one bad leg and using his one good arm to hold out to passers by.  He collected some money from those willing to donate to a crippled beggar and then he took the money and bought me a cup of coffee.  Is that it?  Is that the solution?  A president once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.”  Of course, that is the basis for Matthew 25:31-46.  God is going to ask us, what we did for others.

It is going to rain, there are going to be disasters, pain and trouble, but what did we do for others?

Unfortunately, we are often faced with the problem of giving.  Yes, that can be a problem whe God tells us to be careful and to give when He tells us to give.  Often, it ends up in the hands of the greedy but there is nothing we can do but seek God and give where He tells us.

Today we are faced with this problem in several countries.  We have donations and want to give but need information.  Every time we are met with “What’s in it for me,” or “I am poor and cannot without a substantial donation first.”  Then we watch the door slowly close.  People often talk of their pain and trouble in trying to help us and that also closes the door.”  “Do everything as if you were doing it for Jesus …”  This is no longer important to so many but it is the key to God’s Kingdom, giving.

If we just had big money, then we could do so many things for so many people but, look.  There, the banks fail because of greed.  The missions close because they have big buildings and so many needs.  “We must have a million dollars or our million, million dollar operation will end.”  I have heard this so many times and have gone to so many churches that just can’t pay for their luxurious buildings and programs and then…

Then there is Umpong who brought me coffee.  He never did attend classes to learn business.  We offered but… He never did accept a house and place to stay with a laundry and kitchen.  He was satisfied just living and meeting the simplest needs of others on his simple little street in the middle of Hell.  I don’t know what happened to him but you know, When I was thirsty, he met my need without greed.

I have a young girl in need, surrounded and encased by greed.  Everyone I speak to wants money first.  She cannot speak English and I cannot find anyone to get her to the internet, translate for her and help her learn to care for herself and maybe… maybe she will have a heart to give and help others.

A friend was on a river in China.  There were many fishermen and one was hit and knocked unconscious, into the river.  My friend could not get to him because of the other boats and shouted for help.  He was met with many asking “How much will you pay me to help him?”  Unfortunately the man drown and people just continued to do their own thing.  A true story and a heart breaker as well.  If we cannot find those around Ruth who are willing to help her, we will watch her suffer and …  I don’t know …  I don’t know what God will do but the hands are out.  “Bless me, bless me, help me, then maybe I will help others.”  That’s all I hear in Church, the news and conversations around the world.

Look, we can feed the poor, take in all the strangers and clothe those who want to be clothed.  We can visit everyone in the hospital and prison if the Pastor would just start and end every thought with “Are you obeying Christs commandment in Matthew 25:31-46?  Instead, it is a plea for money to continue ministry that spends a very small fraction, sometimes to obey God.

Jesus indebted himself.  He said He needed to die for others.  Suicide?  Insanity?  His mother and brothers thought so.  They tried to have him arrested.  Would you go in debt to help someone you never met and do not know?  I will.  Perhaps you need money for your…  sigh…

I rarely see Umpong or his friends any more.  Begging to help others?  I am begging now.  I am asking you to sell all you have, give the money to the poor and change the world.  sigh…. can you hear me now?

They are poor so….

What is the plan?

It is really quite simple. We talk to the poor about learning to feed and clothe themselves. If they live in a big city, we teach them flower gardens and roof top gardens, but wait… Can the world feed itself?

People talk about the evils of GMO. Yet, as we compartmentalize and crowd ourselves into hamster cages where we all live together and grow / produce nothing, seeking things as an answer to our boredom and excess energy, aren’t we killing ourselves?

Soylent Green, the movie. Recycling humanity into food. Throughout history when people have run out of food in the presence of the weak, elderly, or dying, cannibalism has taken place. We are now discussing the possibility of the Government of the USA recycling people without our knowledge. There are so many things they just do, without telling us nowadays.

A dear friend, Hong Ly, a Cambodian, told me stories or horror about living through the Pol Pot regime. The murder of so many and the destruction of entire tribes. Thousands upon thousands left to rot and then have their bones gathered. The pain and suffering, the inhumanity. What is coming? Who knows.

What would you do if faced with long term violent starvation? I don’t know. Perhaps some planning would be good. Perhaps we should plan to be without so we can survive if we are?


Teaching people to depend on themselves is a really, really good thing to do.


When the world melts down. You have probably not been to China during Chinese New Year. Everything shuts down. Then, there is Tet and everything shuts down. Better get everything you need before the stores shut down. Have you noticed that the grocery stores are emptying out? Many products have disappeared?

Ok so I am stupid. I am a nut that thinks the world is going to end. Ignore me, but send me the stuff from your storage bin so I can get it to the poor.

Helping girls?

Kiboga, a young lady named Ruth and the future of the world. Not much to occupy your time but give it some thought. We are working to meet Ruth and find out what she needs and how to help her.

Wow, what resistance. People in Kiboga are offended at questions and finding out information. They just want money and now. Strange, for humanitarian organizations to keep information from others, maybe to attain an income? Dunno.

Interesting, research indicates that land grabbers are displacing 20,000 inhabitants of the Kiboga area?

The death of the sheep

Our focus is quite simple. We want to empower people to lead their own people. A focus, not just handing food out, but helping people make food and make clothing and taking care of themselves.

Most countries are born at the teet of Western control and oppression. England and now America, forced everyone to buy from them so 90% of their national’s imports are things which should be made locally. Corporate policy is to change everyone into a producer of some small part of the corporation’s production chain at no income and great suffering while selling things to others and making them consumers.

So, today, instead of growing and using their own food and products, nations are required to make things cheap for the rich, paying with their lives and at the same time buy products they no longer have or can make at killer prices.

The notion of freedom and independence is gone. We are a world culture designed to feed the rich with our blood and lives and do so at the cost of our health and freedom.

What do we eat or wear that we have grown or created ourselves? Nothing. Perhaps we should consider changing things? What happens when the corporations cannot provide food and clothing? Should we just die waiting?

Can you provide for yourself and your family?

The story of Ruth, Matthew continued.



This is your story.  God has put you in our path.  God does these things.  David was a boy who attended sheep for his step-daddy.  He was born of a concubine, that is a personal prostitute who can be sent away, different than a wife and different than a prostitute, however, David was illegitimate.  God Chose David to be king.  No one is sure why but some think that it is because Israel was a disobedient tribe of God’s people and that was the best God could do.

I am a professional missionary and I write stories like yours all the time.  I pray and ask God what the story should be and this one is yours.  It does not mean that things will happen this way but a story is still necessary to focus on your future.  Moms and Dads always have dreams.  Grandpas and Grandmas do too.

I have been sent to help Susan Servin help you.  My daughter Marcely wants to be a part too.  You saw their videos.

So, here is the story of Ruth, the little girl from Uganda.

One day, no one knows why, God said to Satan, see that little girl? And God pointed to you.  God said to Satan, watch this.

God put your picture in front of Susan Servin and she said, “Oh, how beautiful that family is, will you (bobby) tell me about them?”  So I did.  Then I bothered Denis and he told me more and now, I am going to jump right in the middle of your life and the life of your family, tribe, village and country.

I told Denis that we cannot work with you without a group of elders and he introduced us to Eva in Kiboga.

Now we are working on communication.  I understand there is a school.  Eva has a business as a professional secretary.  I do that kind of work as well.  I am talking to Susan and Marcely and we are going to raise support to get communications.  Eva will have an office and from that office, she will help the school and …. You!

I would like you to work for Eva.  You will have to dress differently and learn about things from her.  Eva will teach you spelling, reading, writing and business because you will become her right hand.  I don’t like schools much because it is hard for a teacher to teach students how to do things.  It is easy to learn some things but business requires a teacher and jobs are schools, the very best kind.  I always have someone with me that needs to learn and that is what God calls discipleship.

Now, when someone asked God (Jesus) what is the most important thing, God said that it was to love God and to love our neighbor.  You are our neighbor.  Unfortunately, we often get caught up into religion.  We build very fancy buildings and buy very fancy clothes and one of the things I would like is for you to read and understand and maybe memorize Matthew, a book in the Bible, Chapters 5, 6, and 7, and try to stay away from buying someone somewhere another robe or building some building to worship God.  Don’t become involved in statues and things that detract you from helping others.  Matthew 25: 31-46 tells us that God is watching and will ask you if you found another Ruth or Rudy or someone to help.

So, this is where we are now.  Susan wants to be your grandmother and maybe even adopt you.  We will see.  Governments are big problems about things like this.  Marcely, my daughter, wants to be your sister and I want to see everyone happy.  It doesn’t always happen.  Sometimes God gives us lots of good things and then sends armies and storms and trouble.  God is the boss.  He is in control and He does not ask me what I think or for permission to hurt people or do things that do not seem nice.  So I will put my trust in God and we will go from there.

I would like Eva to pick you up, take you to work and then return you to your house.  Little by little, you will learn and perhaps (no promises, God doesn’t like that) we can provide you with some animals as well as technology to help you help your family, tribe, village and province and maybe, when you are the governor of your province, we can talk about you becoming the president of Uganda.  Things like this really do happen.

I know you are going to make a million mistakes.  Perhaps you will even hurt people really bad.  Sometimes things happen we hate.  Paul, the apostle said so in the book of the Bible called Romans.  Reading that chapter and those words from Paul helps everyone.  Go to chapter 7 and see that even Paul, a great man of God, did things that were not good.  However, do not ever quit.  Some people say you need a priest or a pastor but in the book of 1 John, Chapter 1, verse 9, it tells you to just talk to God.  Talk to God a lot.  God will speak directly to your heart and if you become religious, maybe God doesn’t like that.

So, live at home, go to work with Eva, learn and bring good things home.  There will be times when you have to go places, but always remember that God put you in your home so take care of your brothers and sister, mum and daddy and family, tribe, village and province.  When you become governor, we will find support so you can run for president.  We have time.  Maybe.

We have sent you a video.  Get excited.  God likes excited but obedient people.  Print this letter and keep it close to your heart.  Know that out of 7 billion people, God spoke to Susan and Marcely and I that you are important and will lead your nation.

Watch the Watoto videos and know that God does these things.  Please clean very well and keep your health strong.  Help everyone and know that God is blessing you so you can bless others.  This is God’s way of changing the world, one person at a time.