Staten Island, New York Area

Staten Island, New York Area.

Religion exists because there are so many people that make their living at it, so they have to find some way to justify their existence. The one group is the liberals, who accept the philosophy of humanism and try to find some relevance by saying, “Ha, Ha….we don’t know there’s a heaven; we don’t know there’s a hell. But we do know this – that you’ve got to live for 70 years! We know there’s a great deal of benefit from poetry, from high thoughts and noble aspirations. Therefore it’s important for you to come to church on Sunday, so that we can read some poetry, that we can give you some little adages and axioms and rules to live by. We can’t say anything about what’s going to happen when you die, but we’ll tell you this, if you’ll come every week and pay and help and stay with us, we’ll put springs on your wagon and your trip will be more comfortable. We can’t guarantee anything about what’s going to happen when you die, but we say that if you come along with us, we’ll make you happier while you’re alive.” It has simply nothing more than to try and put a little sugar in the bitter coffee of their journey and sweeten it up for a time.

Jesus left his home and family to go to the streets.  They tried to get him back in the harness of work and be happy and when he did go to the Church of the day, he did not sit quietly and accept the garbage, but fought and died so you would know God wants to work with you to save the lost.

You will not go to those in need so God uses hurricanes and tsunamis and disease to get your attention.  Listening?  Perhaps not.  Perhaps the only way you will deny yourself and follow Jesus to hell and help people is when you have been smashed, squished, destroyed and watched your friends and family dissected, blown up or mutilated.  When will you come to know that life is not given us so we can enjoy ourselves but so we can serve others.

When reconing comes, and it must, those in need as you practice your foolish religious holiday will ask why you did not care.  You will say “I, … My, …  Our, … We, …”  And perhaps, God will just say, go to hell.  Matthew 7:21 and…. Matthew 25:31-46.  I watched people celebrate Halloween while people died in Hurricane Sandy.  Enjoy yourself.  Deny yourself.  Your choice.

Staten Island, New York Area

Staten Island, New York Area.

God is good.  God wants the lost to come to know Him.  Jesus died for His beliefs and lots of folks who work for Him; end up chewed up and hurt.  Easter is all about Him getting killed and coming back to minister and not going with the flow.  I am currently in a place that is very comfortable and it would be great but for the stroke.  After the stroke, my whole life was grinding to a halt.  The stroke took out feeling and control of my left hand, movement of my left leg and balance.  I kept falling down and there was nothing I could do about it.  I felt so horribly helpless and quit working for God but God wouldn’t listen.  I left New York and felt sorry for myself.  A good friend caught up with me in Richmond Virginia and told me it was important to go back to La Guardia.  Back to work.  My body is a mess but I can type and work on web sites and the truck is back into disaster work.


Ok, Aaron, the guy from China who came to help, visited a grunch of churches in Staten Island and we ended up at: The Movement Church, 370 Clawson Street Staten Island, New York, 10306 718-216-9416


They are heavily involved in disaster relief work and it is goooood to be involved.  Aaron and I went from church looking for a place to work and ended up here.  Aaron was reading through the book of Matthew, learning English and he was full of questions.  His sister-in-law is a Christian and does house church and this place hit an accord with his heart.  They minister cross culturally and Aaron got a chance to minister in Chinese.  He spoke at 4 churches got to share in Chinese as well.


So, I will hang here.  Aaron goes back to China Monday morning, April first.  He met some folks and that is good.  He came closer to the Lord and that was better.  They gave him bibles; encouragement and he joined the church as well.  They will ordain him with the church and he will talk about Jesus in China (as well as the other 50 countries he travels to).


I will be working with the church street ministry here doing evangelism and outreach.  Not actually the street, but the homeless kids ride the Staten Island Ferry (free) at night to sleep in the warmth.  They take igloo containers full of food and coffee; hot chocolate as well as info about Jesus to the homeless kids and street people.  So they were involved in the helps and evangelism ministry and when the disaster struck, they started by serving coffee and food.  They morphed into a hub, distributing food, clothing and supplies.  They now have an office here on the street by the beach and have teams of volunteers coming from around the world.  Aaron came and is working from China so they are getting help from around the whole world.


So, though the disaster is over for many, those who have been abandoned by the government, insurance companies, FIMA, family and friends, have hope from God through the Movement Church.  It is very encouraging in a troubled world.  There is oppression here from religious spirits that put God in a box and many are deceived and confused.


I am here and helping people.  What could be better?


No pain would be better!  Probably not going to happen soon.  Need to fill every day with Jesus.  Take a look at the pastor’s stuff.  Neat.


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Servant songs – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Servant songs – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Why does God send disasters?

My church is better than your church. We can beat you at softball, football and doctrine. We have better chairs and stained glass windows and our preacher preaches better, our choir sings better and we have multimedia. So you should quit your church and join ours.

Unless, we are at war with Satan and I need your point of view and your churches abilities to join together with Jesus and become a unified force against Satan. Like, your view of the world helps me talk to people you reach with your view so we can both take the people we meet to the throne of God, instead of separate buildings.

So, when we don’t get along, God takes us on trips or introduces elements from outside our realm and idea and gets us to work together. Floods, disasters and destruction come to play. Then paraclete organizations rise up, missions, fire departments and police departments, chaplain organizations and mechanics, all which work cross culturally and interdenominationally.

Paraclete (Gr. ??????????, Lat. paracletus) means advocate or helper. In Christianity, the term most commonly refers to the Holy Spirit. So, as I watch churches go back to holy huddles where our church does our thing with our people in our area, I wonder what God will do to bring us together again. War, famine, floods? What choice does God have? My block, my city, my town, my nation and by god, (not God) I will defend my right to defend my right to be what I am and keep you out or else (what?)

Ok, last night we had a vision conference about fighting Satan and it is going to be Paraclete (Gr. ??????????, Lat. paracletus) problems which require organizations outside our lives and churches, countries and people groups as a means advocate or helper. In Christianity, the term most commonly refers to the Holy Spirit. It may mean a mission or chaplaincy or … to keep us moving.

A flat tire can bring an entire group of arguing people together to achieve a common good (or not). Now that the massive effort of Hurricane Sandy is winding down, do we huddle with our holy cows, doctrines and desires or do we reach for something higher? God on the throne and nations gathering together (now that is a thought, huh) to worship God and throw all we have (were given it by God anyway) at His feet to bring him honor and glory.

And, shouldn’t you and I honor one another and see good in each other and focus our lives, money and power on (not war) helping one another and our neighbor (Muslim, Mormon, misguided) come to know God?


How quickly we forget!

Cold, I am blessed by the churches that go out of their way to rise early and prepare food. They drive to the disaster areas, park and start feeding those that come. No requirements for identification, they feed people. I want to do that and need partners. It can happen quickly but it requires the parts of the body, like fingers and thumb to come together to do this.

Today, the world wants to go on. Happy New Year, forget those in pain, forget others, I am doing ok. I am happy. I, I, I, but they have nothing. Jesus spoke these words to his family and to his church. He left his home and family and went to the streets and when he did go to church, they hated him because he pointed out errors and even beat the wealthy from the church because they wanted to make money off of God.

How many churches do I go to where they have coffee shops and book stores and sell things when there are people right here who have nothing. They have been wiped out by the storm. They are not professional street people but trying to keep the thieves from taking their remaining lives, their history, their prized possessions. A heater, a dehumidifier, the thieves are here to pick the carcases of the bleeding and hurt on the beaches.

Robberies have been happening and the things that were bought to help people have been stolen. If it were you, God would want to help you but he left it to us. It is in our hands.

I went to a house…

I went to a house that was built in the 1800’s here in Staten Island. Untouched by the storm, save a fallen tree, it sits protected by man, houses all around and by God, on the side of the island that has no wind. I was carried into a place where money was all around and the people were professors, business people and very comfortable and happy and I was amazed.

In Vietnam, we lived with the very poor and because we were American and had lots of money (at least our neighbors were certain we were rich) and we would take our neighbors to the rich hotels where people manufactured pockets of heaven in the midst of hell. On the storm ravaged side of the island, people are living in condemned homes without … anything and yet, by the grace of God, some are unfazed by war and poverty and pain. I am living in a dorm, a classroom building, half way between heaven and hell and trying to get those in heaven to help those in hell.

I try to imagine what it was like for Jesus to know heaven and talk to those that were well fed and comfortable about hell, both here on earth with the poor and needy and in the final resting place for many. A friend had her father die and he was not old or senseless or a vegetable but active and productive. My mother died but she had gone past remembering and was kept alive by machines and medicines. They are finished with their walk here but many, many, many will die today and are suffering in the face of ot so many who could, if they would live a simple life, help others.

If you are reading this today, perhaps you are alone without family or somewhere to go. I choose to be alone often so I can hear the cries of the lost and needy. too much comfort, rest and happy, dulls the senses and it s only a disaster or bump that will get us to take a look at those in need. I looked at the happy faces, warm and content, the house and food, the love and care for each other and was lonesome for the poor and street folks. Pastor told of a fellow who died in a war, having written a Christmas letter home and it punctuated my Christmas. Why are we given rest and peace if it is not to prepare us to change the world. Firemen died last night. Policemen were shot and the lonely, poor and needy as well as those that wanted to have a warm and comfortable Christmas, went without so others could have some peace and comfort.

I opted out of parties and celebrations so I can see and hear the cries of the needy. I am praying that you will stop, just a minute, and listen. Is there someone you can help now, right now? Maybe grab some happy and on your way to more happy, give it to someone who has nothing?

I stand between you and those that can’t read this because they have no computer or electricity or food or comfort or … maybe, if you go just a bit out of your comfort zone today, you can give Jesus to someone who needs a bit of happy. For your sake. Matthew 25:31-46

Don’t get too comfortable in this world.

Christmas and it is happening around the world.

People are caught up in materialism and want to be appreciated, loved, accepted and “normal.”   study people and things and places and often wonder why it is, people deceive themselves into thinking that tomorrow, things will be better.

Sure, there is temporary pleasure and there are plenty of opportunities for folks to be comfortable but the things of this world are… well, they are temporary and the things that are coming, are coming for all of us.  Life, birth, death and the things beyond are there for all of us.  Each of us is living a life filled with pain and suffering.

I read the news.  War, famine and trouble nearly everywhere and yet, one family has … something and their neighbor, down the street or on the waterfront, has nothing.  If the pain is close, a close family member or someone we can mentally be a part of, we might deny ourselves something and maybe make changes in something but if we can (and with TV and the internet, we find it simple) we tone out and turn down the cries of the needy and ignore everyone we can for the sake of being happy or on our own.  Stuck in our own little area of the world, we seek to be happy and well fed no matter what the rest of the world is doing.

I just want to be … normal.  I want to have a family with friends and sit around on Sunday, watching football.  I want a house full of stuff and things I can have around, even if I never use them.  I want to be free of care and pain and if someone else is, I am sorry but I have my own broken fishing reel and my car needs new speakers.  Selfishness is acceptable for me but not for you.

When I am hurting and in pain, you should do something.  When you are hurting and in pain, perhaps a little more volume on the football game, some more chips and food and maybe, if I am feeling better, later, and have no immediate needs, I will drop a bit more in the plate at church or give away my new shirt (the one that does not fit anyway).

But, why should I care about them?  They are way, way, way over there and if they are right down the street, suffering from cold and exposure, what is that to me?  God did not make me just to deny myself and help others.  That is for the strange ones, those that are – out there, praying and fasting and living a life of solitude –

I watch as people go from poverty and pain to some success and become involved in materialism.  A little rest, a little folding of the hands and, oh yeah, turn up the volume for me.  No, I have that new remote control.  I have a car (next one will be better).  I have food (new appliances are on the way).  I have and I am happy and can no longer remember being poor and cold and devastated by that stupid hurricane or war or famine.  It really doesn’t matter, I mean … I was helped and am now comfortable, why go out of my way to help others?  It certainly is not my fault they are in pain, suffering from disasters or wars or famines or, well… whatever.  I am not my brothers keeper.

Still, if things go wrong, I am sure that there will be those “do gooders” out there that will give all they have to help me (again).  I deserve help.  So, please stop by the store and bring me some stuff so I can turn up the volume and ignore the pain, suffering and ugliness of, well… whatever out there.  I used to spend my time helping people but they just did not appreciate it.

Please, pass me the chips and a drink.  I am going to do something good but I have all these parties to go to.  I am not going to help those in need but I am going to go to the ones that have good food and are warm.  I am Ok and that is important.  Them?  I will think about them when I am one of them but right now, I think I will take a nap and forget about all that pain and suffering.

Christian Pentecostal Church, Staten Island

Found a church to work with.  100% for the people.  Huge building and dormitory for others to stay in when they visit and volunteer.

Pastor is a retired policeman and ex-marine.  Good stuff.  Organization is great and they really, really want to help others.  What a a blessing.  To have a church built that can become an immediate disaster response organization…  Beautiful

Reruns. Don’t worry, trouble is headed your way too.

Don’t worry, it is coming.  Roaming gangs of thugs with loade weapons (or not).  If you are not involved in major disaster relief, then you should study this instead of which actor or actress is sleeping with whom, or watching mindless shows on the TV.

Socialist equality means poverty across the board.  Socialist medicine means inadequate medical care for everyone.  Only those who are favored can gain medical care and governments decide, not doctors, who gets medicine and when.

If you are not prepared, then you will need our help.  We are prepared and headed to New York.  We spend our life preparing for bad times because as missionaries, we know that God is not going to come over the horizon and save everyone.  He gave the world to us to rule and reign by denying ourselves and serving others.  Don’t you get it?  Jesus did not plant mega churches and wear fancy clothes.  He left his home and family and beat people out of his church for selfish motives on their part.

Every time we go to help people that God slaps down, we try to remind them that it rains, snows and floods the good and bad.  Do you really think that everyone in the disasters is bad?  Do you really think that everyone deserves punishment?  How about Jesus?  He was not killed, He denied himself and gave himself up to be tortured beyond belief and to die.

If you pray, ask God to take me home.  I am tired of being kicked, stabbed, beaten and living in misery with others who have no choice.  Still, my Jesus is Lord and if he tells me to go to Hell, I will go gladly.  I owe him and love him and obey him because I know what He did for me.  Though he slay me…

Don’t be prepared.  See if you can make it through this life without pain, trials and trouble.

Headed to New York.  Going to those in trouble and today, what are you doing?  Perhaps getting ready for Christmas?  Worshiping God by building big buildings, singing dancing and laughing in fine clothes?  Don’t worry, when things go bad, missionaries, those who love Jesus, will come around and remind you that Matthew 25:31-46 is not a parable, joke or story to be ignored.


reruns, don’t worry, the storm is coming your way.

Ok, this is a rerun. Get ready, Jesus is not coming back before you are going to need to be ready. The end of the world happens every minute of every day because when people die, that is the end for them. Perhaps you go to a church, like those up on the East Coast of the USA. You pray, “Rain, rain go away until Jesus comes back.” Then God visits you with the storms of life because he told you it would rain on the just as well as the unjust. How many believers spent their lives waiting for Jesus to come back and then got hit with Sandy.

Please be prepared so you can be an answer to the problems headed your way instead of crying, dying and hanging a sheet from your window so those who are prepared can help you. Why don’t you prepare so you can be an answer for God and help others rather than sitting and boo hooing yourself into depression because your God was not there when life fell on your head.

Is there one place on earth where calamity

has not struck? I don’t think so. It is coming and it will get worse. People did not talk about the millions who died in the depression because the government told people to only sing happy songs. It was unpatriotic to tell people things were bad. can help as well as many others. My goodness, what will it take for you to figure out that tribulation is what you are in when you are in tribulation. Pre-trib, mid-trib, post-trib, who cares when you are dying.

I see no pastors wandering the streets asking for help and by the time Sunday rolls around and you sit in a soft pew and pray for the poor in trouble, millions will be in pain and thousands will have died.

Shame on American Christians for waiting for Jesus to come back when the world needs us now.

Is it all about me?


If being saved simply means waiting for the bus to come with Jesus and all the angels, then church is just another way to make yourself comfortable waiting. Coffee shops and waiting rooms, reading rooms and then some singing and dancing. Maybe Jesus or the angels will come and do a miracle or two, making our stay here more pleasant. The band plays while the ship sinks. The party goes on while the hurricane continues to come, bringing with it the destruction of our world as we know it. Perhaps there is something more… Perhaps we are responsible for our neighbor and the plight of those that are starving. Perhaps over there is not way over there, out of sight and un-rechable. Perhaps we should do more than tell God we love Him and care for God’s children everywhere.

Maybe our comfort and surroundings is not really that important.