Peccary – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Peccary – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Can’t sleep.  A peccary (plural peccaries; also javelina and skunk pig; Portuguese javali and Spanish jabalí, sajino or pecarí) is a medium-sized mammal of the family Tayassuidae, or New World pigs.[1] Peccaries are members of the artiodactyl suborder Suina, as are the pig family (Suidae) and possibly the hippopotamus family (Hippopotamidae).[2] They are found in the southwestern area of North America and throughout Central and South America. Peccaries usually measure between 90 and 130 centimetres (3.0 and 4.3 ft) in length, and a full-grown adult usually weighs between about 20 to 40 kilograms (44 to 88 lb).

Pig family, rodent ancestors and they want to tak back Arizona for their families.  Kinda like a big fuzzy and sometimes friendly rat / pig, they are eaten by the Indians who say (yum) good eatin.  The Mexicans (Indians mostly too) like them for Tacos de cabeza, or toacos of the head.

So what does that have to do with Jesus.  I mean, 100 people die in Jos Nigeria because of bombings and violence and I need to preach the Gospel around the world.  Still, the neighbor has a standard poodle (read that big dog) and the Javalena (Spanish J here, read that Havalina) have taken to being upset with her.  She is a hunting kind of dog and big and they are concerned that she will eat their young.

Ok, I have to deal with it all because the neighbor lady that owns the dog doesn’t want the dog to attack the Javalena and rightly so.  The Javalena like to circle the dog and attack as a pack, eating the dog in the process.

Now, these tame looking pig like big rats without tails that look really friendly, can kill a dog or a dude or dudette very quickly.  They would rather eat sweet fresh fruits and flowers but you are on the menu.  So, missions 1,035, spray with cleaning solvents or dish soap with ammonia.  They do not like the smell of cleaning solvents and get offended and go away.

I am out in the middle of the night, spraying the dogs territory with biodegradable detergent that smells fine to me but something akin to javalena – off to them.

Course, you could just eat ’em.

Back to saving the world.

“wounded charismatic” – Google Search

“wounded charismatic” – Google Search.

um… lemeee see.  I go into a village in the mountains.  A girl is bit by a snake.  They catch the snake, pop its head off and drink the bile.  They say that in this way the venom will not kill the girl and the rest of the tribe will not be effected by the spirits.

Sometimes she dies, sometimes not but you see, I am there to tell them about Jesus.  He came, sacrificed himself and died once and for all for our sins.  If you don’t believe that, it neither changes my mission or Jesus.  It is there and if you want to wright or copeland or do the funky chicken and feel better, whatever, that is fine.  I believe that when Jesus comes back, he will hold us accountable for what we did with so great a salvation.

You wear a cross, or read “that” version of the Bible.  You sing 7/11 songs, seven songs 11 times each;  Fine.  You wear your shirt backwards or have tatoos or whatever.  A policeman is a policeman because he does policeman things.  A fireman is judged by his service and work, but Most Western Christians try to go to another conference and be better.  Better at what?

When it is you or your children, do you call for help when you are in need?  And if they tell you something and you feel better, don’t you want to be healed?  Healed for what?

bbb’s  Bodies, Bricks and Bucks people are those that make a living off Christ.  They will entice you to attend seminars to feel good.  Drink snake pee, if you want.  Do the funky chicken and babble while making noises if you choose.  Consume endless hours in study but please, the world is dying.

When your family or children or friends need help, you will not get it from the existentialists.  you will get it from soldiers who work with their hands and hearts to do something.

I do not serve God because it feels good, often it doesn’t.  I serve God because Jesus died for me.  What less could I do for Him.  And by the way, if you need Mary to get to heaven, that is fine with me too, just grab that sack of wawa mum and lets feed the starving kids.

By the way, lets not argue about this, lets do this thing called Christian.  The reason they got their name is cuz they did weird things, like loving their enemies and doing good to others.

We see God with very bad eyes.

My heart hurts.  The bombers wanted to please God.  It is hard to be a killer for God.  I was one.  My country taught me that killing was necessary.  I want to help now, not kill.  I want to help the families of those that were killed.  I want to bless the families of the killers.  God let me kill and live.  Now at night, I remember and it is hard.  The killers wanted to please God.  I think, maybe, our picture of God is not good.  I think God wants us to love one another.

Zuciyata cutar. Da bombers ya so ya faranta wa Allah rai. Yana da wuya a makashiya ga Allah. Ina ?aya. Kasara koya mini cewa kashe an kamata. Ina son taimako a yanzu, ya kashe. Ina son taimaka wa iyalan wa?anda aka kashe. Ina son sa albarka iyalan makasa. Allah ya kashe ni, suka zauna. Yanzu da dare, na tuna da wuya. Da makasa ya so ya faranta wa Allah rai. Ina tsammani, watakila, hoton da Allah ba. Ina tsammani Allah yana so mu ?aunaci juna.

The love of God in the face of hate.

Danjuma Byang
Merry Christmas, my country men and women. The spate of bombings across the north, targeting mainly Churches during this Christmas season, undoubtedly the most celebrated Christian festival, is surely meant to break the spirits of Christians and put fear into their hearts. But a wise man has said, “You cannot destroy a cause by destroying those who champion it”. If those who are masquerading behi…nd “Boko Haram” to terrorize Christians think that this is how they will destroy Christianity in Nigeria should please wake up from their slumber. This strategy to annihilate Christianity may have worked elsewhere. But not in Nigeria! Please readers hear this: Boko Haram and their sponsors will eventually be flushed out, but the gospel of Jesus Christ will continue to reign high in Nigeria till the King of kings, and the Lord of lords; Jesus Christ Himself comes back to take over the reign of governance.
No Christian’s heart should fail because of what we have seen and may still see in the near future. Be assured that those who use death, terror, hate and lies as weapons to spread their religion will be consumed by the same weapons they use. Why? Because Jesus summarized it by saying, “those who live by the sword shall perish by the sword”. Don’t be intimidated by the gains they have made by the pains they have inflicted. One day they will wake up and discover all is ashes in their hands!
Brothers and sisters, please don’t trade in the same currency they trade in. Let us love all Muslims anywhere we find them because that is what God will have us do. Jesus Christ died for them too. And only His love manifested even and especially in times like these will win many of them over. We must understand that many Muslims are trapped in a system they don’t comprehend, cannot defend or like and yet they find it hard or near impossible to escape. Only the love of Jesus will win them over. And this is where the challenge is. How can we love people we know are out to kill us? When the love of Christ fills our hearts. The natural heart is wicked. It takes only those who have truly been forgiven to know how to love and forgive the unlovable and the unforgivable.
We must not allow Boko Haram and their likes to force us into behaving like they are doing. Of course, there may be times we as Christians may have to kill or burn to preempt a threatening situation, but we must always know that love is our greatest weapon. Love will always win. Love may be tough but its dividends in time and especially in the hereafter are worth the effort. Let’s go for love. Can I hear an AMEN?

king hussein, long – YouTube

king hussein, long – YouTube.

Why war today?  Knowledge, intelligence, world wide coverage of events?

I think it is a matter of education.  Many places that breed terrorists, like Minnesota, where I grew up, eschewed violence for the sake of the American National Identity.  Lies perpetrated my life as a youth and the media denied me a clear understanding of what was actually happening.  So, I joined the Marines, first, to be a man, and to be all I could be, and then a defender of my homeland.  Not until much later, after my boot camp, did I wonder why I was half way around the world defending the USA.  The USA was only there in camps and small areas, it appeared we were defending ideologies and ideas that were not necessarily factual.

MY COUNTRY, RIGHT OR WRONG and that was that.  My flag, my country, my nation, and it became very confusing.  Drugs helped.  They stopped the truth from bothering me.  Someone knew what was right and I was “one tin soldier,”  then the facts started coming out.

So, after a medical discharge, I wandered the world, looking for truth.  I ran into Jesus all the time, amidst the cries of the religions I studied that went out of their way to attack Christianity.  Of course, I though Christianity was American, I mean, no one told me that it was to the middle east that Jesus came and for values that were directly opposed to those I was taught.  Selflessness instead of selfishness, giving instead of getting and then …..

Today, I am finishing my study on numbers, you know, the steps that one must follow to be a follower of God.  Henry W. Wright’s 8 steps, the Government of 12 and their steps and mores steps along with the injection of fear of failure and the possibility that demons could and would stop you from being all you can be.

My friends were bombed yesterday in Nigeria by Arabs that have been taught that there are two kinds of people in the world.  Those that believe like they believe and dead people.  Most of the world needs to die that God can be the ruler.  This is not unlike the numbers game the name-it-and-claim-it folks use.  Though they do not promote violence in the American Church, at least publically, there is the divine right to rule the world doctrine which promotes armies and bombs and the right of the American Government to arrest, detain and torture folks that they think should be arrested,, detained and tortured.

The Bible is in direct opposition to everyone, as far as I can tell.  Everyone who is willing to fight for what is right is ultimately opposed to Jesus and his commandments to die for what is right by blessing those that persecute you.

Numbers or not, Matthew 5, 6 and 7 are powerful chapters written by a man who was a competent stenographer, able to write as fast as Jesus talked and who marveled that Jesus was explaining a system whereby we love one another and did not kill those who wanted to kill us.

He did not come as a warrior.  He came to bless and to teach love, acceptance and forgiveness and I wonder who is visiting the families of the bombers and loving them.  Maybe I better do that.  I know folks are visiting the families of those who died at the hands of the bombers but should we be looking to kill the killers?

Will the numbers we talk about, the ones the demon chasers insiste are necessary to make one whole, bring back the dead?  Will they bless the persecuters or just establish the fact that it might take years and years and years to get ourselves ready.  Ready for what?  What is an ideal Christian?  Healthy, wealthy and wise or humbly serving those who want us killed.

There are so many who study Christianity and then turn their back on Christianity, or at least the numbers and methods we espouse, for something else.

Matthew 25:31-46 seems to be so simple.

Pray for me, whatever religion you use or to whatever God you see at the end of your tunnel.  I want to live Matthew, chapters 5,6 and 7.

AFP: Blood, flesh and tears at Nigerian church hit by blast

AFP: Blood, flesh and tears at Nigerian church hit by blast.

I am amazed at the  teaching I am receiving this trip in the USA.  Name-it-and-claim-it.

The bondage we are under to ourselves.  It is as though we are in charge.  What we say will come to pas.  Guard every word, every act, walk the straight and narrow path.  As though it all depended on us.  I am frightened by the things that are being taught, the fear that is being laid on our backs as we carefully consider each and every word.

Sigh.  My friends, brothers and sisters, on both sides of the fence, Arab and Christian, and Jew, are being destroyed by their own actions and hatred is being delivered by everyone.  Can I trust an Arab?  Yes, I can because I believe that God is there and my life is spent.  Can I believe a Christian?  Again, Jew, Christian, Arab, Hindu, all are trying to say that they are the only way to God and I find myself thinking that God must be very amused.

Not amused at the death and destruction we put upon ourselves, but amused that we think we are so strong that we can take the world in our own hands.  Yes, it is true, we can kill each other, say the wrong things and be horribly bad but the point is that God is God.  Each religion is built up of its own factions.  Hindus hating other Hindus because the elephant need be white and I must kill you if you are not the same flavor of Hindu I am.
I picture Jesus, at the trial of the adulterous woman.  The Jews were there and wanted death, the Romans were there and wanted amusement.  The disciples were there and wanted understanding and the children were there wondering what it was all about and Jesus simply said, oops, she made a mistake, lets love one another.
My country taught me that anyone with slanted eyes who spoke in a language I did not understand, needed to die.  As a Marine I would kill anyone, even my comrade simply because I thought they should die.  That is what war is about.  We are righter than you are and I know that should circumstances be presented where you were sure I should die, you would kill me.
I hope that I am done killing though when someone comes to me shreeking about the need to positively confess my beliefs in life, I wonder why God selectively allows us to kill each other.
In America, we don’t need war to kill.  We have cars and bathrooms, the bane of insurance people.  We are intent on killing each other daily.
Today, I have peace in my heart.  Jezebel came to me and thanked me for helping her.  Today I am her friend.  Tomorrow, I am sure she will be angry and condemn me again but.  You see, sigh…..
Today I have coffee.  The internet is working and there is something to eat.  Thankfully, I am content.  At least at the moment.
I am going to Jos and a friend, a disciple from 30 years ago will go with me.  We will talk to people about Jesus, never knowing who we will offend.  It might be an Arab, a Jew, a Christian fanatic that knows our doctrine is demonic or, it might be you, convinced that I need not live any longer.
Please love one another.  Please.
I will ramble more later.  I keep a journal that is a bit more frank.  By the way, I like Frank, he is a good guy.  Frank, if you are reading this, I would love it if you would go to Nigeria with me.  I need soldiers who know how to kill, and that killing is not necessary.  It is so difficullt to work with people who are afraid that they might say the wrong thing or believe the wrong thing or, heavens forbid, made a mistake as a child they cannot quiet rememeber or, an ancient historical member of the family was a.. …. oh my God, generationnally cursed…
Bless you all.

Martyrs – INcontext Ministries

Martyrs – INcontext Ministries.

(BBC) 25 December 2011 – Bomb blasts targeting Christmas Day church services in two Nigerian cities have left at least 28 people dead, with three more attacks on other towns.

The Islamist group Boko Haram said it had attacked St Theresa’s Church in Madalla, near the capital Abuja, killing 27 people.

A second explosion shortly after hit a church in the central city of Jos. A policeman died during gunfire.Three attacks in northern Yobe state targeted a church and security forces.

Two hit the town of Damaturu, and a third struck Gadaka. Yobe state has been the epicentre of violence between security forces and Boko Haram militants.

Help me.  I want to go and help them.

Whoa, Jezabel

Need your prayers.

Right now I am working with a family and the lady of the house has a Jezebel spirit.  Thee are several sites that describe this kind of anointing but I am not strong enough to deal with it.  This site pretty well describes her activities and unfortunately, her husband cannot be the man of the house without much violence.  Separately, he is a champion of grace and wisdom but with her around, it is constant warfare and she begins screeching, like wayward chalk on a blackboard.  I am not ashamed to tell you that it weakens me to death to listen to her talk about God.  War, arrest, prison, torture and pain are nothing compared to listening to this.  In the Bible Elijah quit, told God to take him home, rather than deal with this woman.  Seriously.  I would rather be beaten than listen to a religious spirit in a Jezebel.  This helps as well, but my, my, I need your prayers.

Used Missionary

ahhh, tomorrow?

I will try an outline.

I am currently hiding in my cave.  I am spending 26 hours a day studying and when I sleep, I am downloading and recording Information as well as listening to everything I can find.  I want more training I will need later.  Making disciples is all that is important to me so I appreciate your help, your kindness and your prayers.  I am a figment of your imagination. I will be gone soon.

I should make some movies for the grand kids but anything from John Piper or Leonard Ravenhill will say what I want to say, much more eloquently.  Dr. Brown is anointed and works across the board with the whole world.  He is a good man to follow.  Please, food, clothing and equipment.  I would like a nice Macintosh Laptop but it would have to be big and strong.  Something for you to think about.

I am here for you, and you and you.  If you want to play and party, I don’t have time.  If you want to talk about … I really don’t have time.  I need to study, show myself approved of God and make disciples.  Disciplined learners who will die for their fellow man, especially those who hate Jesus.

1, Go to Jos Nigeria January 2012.  Look it up.  It is the northern most Christian Provence of Nigeria and borders on the Muslim Shara Law provinces.  Dr. John Brown is the Chancellor of 5 Bible Schools, he teaches at many more.  He has three Doctorates in Bible plus is the director of SIFAT in Africa.  John Brown Okwii, PhD, MSc, MA ,ThM is currently working on a third doctoral degree in Professional Interdisciplinary. Studies. Dr. Brown is who I want to work for, maybe wash clothes.  Dr. Brown is President of LAWNA Theological Seminary in Jos, Nigeria, West Africa.  People are dying to hear about Jesus.  I will also be working with Dr. David Joel  I have been inundated by requests from Nigeria (of course) but Dr. Brown serves so many, and Dr. David, has been so helpful.  I will refer all to them.
2, Live with an Arabic Speaking family.  I want to learn the Nigerian and Arabic culture.  It is quite easy to find Muslim Christian Families and I want to gain a Muslim perspective.  So, I can live in Jos, a city that is more residential and resort than a Western city, live in the country right around the city and work in 5 Seminaries, teaching the Bible while living with a poor Arabic speaking family.  Can you see this?  I am serious, when you say I am changing my story, it indicates a serious lack of ability on my part to communicate. I believe the last war fought on earth is going to be religious and between followers of God, and those that follow Allah and other faiths.  Muslims killing Christians, Hindus killing Muslims, killing because we need God and many believe that taking life insures a ticket to heaven.
3,  I will be the token boy for Dr. Brown.  It is important that he have a boy around so he is listened to by his people.  Bill Cropley followed him around and became discouraged, started to fall away and became a bad witness.  I will need lots of prayer.  John asked if I want an Arabic name, maybe Sikh Yusif Bobby, that way people will not know I am an American.  My life expectancy as an American, ex Marine and US Soldier may not be long there.  I don’t mind.

A.  I am studying Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, Latin and Hausa (Nigerian).  I have spent time studying French and they seem to use that as well.  I used to read, write and speak some French, but that was back in …. wow, the early 70’s.   You remember?  I want to work at the Seminaries, teach there from a laptop with a second monitor or a projector, and then in the evening, live and work with an Arabic family that has no income and needs me.  Usually, as my family traveled working for God, we hired cripples, throw away people.  I am not so interested in production by people, but their sincere desire to love one another, and God, of course.  Look at Google Earth and you will find that though the city center is relatively new. the outskirts are poor and the hillsides are archaic.
B.  I am studying the Apostolic Doctrine as well as doctrine from the surrounding areas in Jos, and,  of course, the Qur’an.  I thought I understood Baptis doctrines till I started to study.  Then there were many questions.  As an associate pastor with the Assemblies of God, I studied the Trinity and there were questions.  Believing everything by faith kills people. I study the Apostolic Doctrines and through all of it, I have come to the understanding that loving people is more important than… wel, I suppose I am in trouble with you already.   I understand that this seems to be a lot, but it is not.  Many of the languages are so similar that I only need to remember some parts of each to be able to communicate.  Google translators and the others can be had on the computer and with a Solar briefcase or backpack, I should be able to survive, find the internet, and teach others.  2 Tim 2:2.
C.  Doc. Okwii (all of Nigeria) needs money.  Dr. John Brown Okwii has three doctorates and is in charge of 5 seminaries and is so cool.  Frannie introduced me and I fell in love with him and his work. He reminds me of Theodore but he is much better looking than Ted.  My being there and being computer literate should help.  I believe I can raise support and do a Salmon Khan ( type of Bible Study there that will reach the people in their own language and ethnos.  Ethnos (in Greek: ????? “nation”) may refer to: Ethnic group · Ethnos (newspaper), local communications.  Everyone needs money.  That is why I am living as frugally as possible.  I am living as modest as I can and you know that even this is rich compared to the places you have been.  You may not remember because it is very hard to reconcile your friends that eat dirt and live between buildings and what is going on around you now.  It is coming to America.  The poverty has struck hard and I have many friends here who are not bag men and women because they lost the American dream.  It has now become the American Scream (nightmare, waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to do anything about poverty)
D.  It is easy to find fault.  I want to bless Doc Okwii and Dr. David Joel, please pray that I am able to do so.  I would like to use some the Faith Lessons DVDs. The value of these DVDs cannot be over emphasized.   I do not have a postal box number,  but will be living in Jos, Plateau state, Nigeria, W.A.  It is easy to fault the poverty, lack of electricity and difficulties. I am willing to live very poorly.  I would like a set of the DVDs as well as some hard drives, 3 or 4 terabyte so I can help them.  My focus is on denying oneself and going to those who do not know Jesus.
E.  I will need money to bless Dr. Brown and his work.  I have Video of him and his work and he is worth dying for because he works for Jesus.  I will be making DVDs and presentations for him so he can reach his people and his people (the world) are my people.
F.  I am at the end of my life.  I would like to leave this world and go to Jesus, quickly.  The pain is not good.  However, I have skills that I can lend to Dr. Okwii and look forward to doing that.  I am currently cutting DVDs of him and his work.  I am not a good person.  Sorry.  However, when the Marines dressed me and empowered me, I was able to do some amazing things.  When the US Army told me to do things, people listened because of the uniform and the gun.  Now I have Jesus, the Holy Spirit and though I am still just me, when I walk with them, they are important.  I have seen many countries and started many churches.  Still, I might be fortunate to find that there were disciples which remained faithful.  So many go the way of the world.
G.  I want to visit folks and get things for Nigeria. There is a church, iBethel and they tell me that God is healing there.  I would like to visit there and Dr. Brown will let me work with him.  When I was a Marine, sitting around shooting the bull, talking about nothing, was never pleasant.  I attended classes and training which equipped me to kill.  The Army taught me law, but Jesus taught me life.  I need to go.  If you cannot, send me.  With Jesus, there is indeed, help, hope and a future.
I just attended a seminar/conference but they are terribly concerned about copyright.  I think that they have something but I have no idea how to apply it.  Perhaps using the same material from other folks will prove more beneficial.  I have gone through the material extensively and it appears to be a personality cult.  More later.
G.  I need a van (for a year).  I want to travel and talk to people.  I would love to travel with a small team.  I want to visit my home church in Ohio before I leave.

The following links help me a whole bunch. Steve Gregg is a well balanced teacher with some rocks in his head.  I use his material and we discuss the rocks in his head which, by the way, are much smaller than the boulders in mine.

I would like these DVDs

I Need,, support, external hard drives, a headphone with a good microphone for recording and a solar backpack or briefcase to work with this computer.  Of course, I would love to start a computer centered training program but, one cannot ask for everything.  I noticed God answers about half of my requests so I keep doubling them.  I need a visa, support, equipment and then, help from people who would like to send me home.

I have nothing that is “mine,” because I feel a need to feed the world.  I have a lot to do.  I need to get prayer requests from the church, it’s my home.

Used Missionary

Oh God, it seems you are so lame, you need help?


We are family, I am a father.  You are my brothers, sisters, sons and daughters.  It does not matter what you believe or do not believe.  You are family.  Were you a killer, or homosexual, Apostolic or Baptist, you are my family.  I have not come to you with superior wisdom or excellence of speech, but with love, acceptance and forgiveness.  You cannot push me away, I won’t go far.  You cannot shock or dismay me and make me change my mind.  You are my family and we will work through our problems.  If you are a Republican or Democratic, if you are left wing or right wing, Navy or Marines, you are my family.

Now, lets talk about basics.  You are saved, you are happy with who you are, let us now work together to see others come to know Jesus.

We have one job.  Represent Jesus Christ to the lost.  If I offend you, I am sorry, forgive me, I will forgive you no matter what you have done because my Father forgave me first.  We will see the kingdom of God come and we will heal the sick, cast out devils and cleanse the lepers because that is what God told us to do.  We will raise families and teach people that God loves them, accepts them and forgives them.

I am a pastor, a missionary of 35 years. Outside of the American name-it-and-claim-it influence, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are enough. Here in the USA, they sell Jesus in many packages but each one has the same flavor. You need me to tell you what the Bible, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God want you to know. Firstly, for 1,500 or so years, give or take an hour or so, people did not have the word of God, or writings. They had pastors and teachers and though many tended to go for the ornate, most lived simple lives where they dealt with sin. Then, the Word of God was given to the people. The leaders of the day knew that they were doomed. When people can read the actual words of God, then it is true that the need no teacher. As a matter of fact, those that taught about Jesus and the Holy Spirit said as much. Let your conscience be your guide and the Holy Spirit will take you where God wants you to go.

I attended a seminar of Henry W. Wright’s teachings and was amazed that Henry W. Wright was the center of the teaching / conference. Here I thought I had come to know about God. I was taught, through a team of teachers, that Satan really ran things, not God, because we gave everything to Satan and if we did not do the 8 steps, say the prayers, over and over and over again, we would not ever be free from the boss, the Devil, empowered by our own lack of…. understanding.

Are there good things in Wright’s wrongs? Sure, 99 percent of rat poison is great stuff, or, even a rat would not eat it. It is, unfortunately that 1 percent that kills, and that is that there is something besides letting Jesus talk to us through the Holy Spirit.

Look, in the tribes and nations I talk to, we are still working out getting them the scriptures in their own language. Millions and millions have been spent getting Henry W. Wright into different languages as well as the billions and trillions spent in translating books, not the Bible and excuse me if I am naive but I thought that the Bible was the most important. It is not, evidenced by printing orders and publications by God’s (slight shudder here) people. It is sad that the Bible is just not good enough and sadly that Jesus is lacking in power to heal, once and for all, and that we should return for years and years and years to get the good stuff that Jesus never mentioned.

Sorry, I am headed to Nigeria, Northern Nigeria where they kill people who say they are Christian, to take the the Bible. To tell them that Jesus is the answer and that the Holy Spirit will guide them when they ask for empowerement, not so they will be happy, healthy, wealthy and wise, but that they might be empowered to tell others about (sigh…) Jesus and the Holy Spirit and the father. Not (__________) fill in the blank. Anyone that sells Jesus Christ through their teachings, life and actions will fit.

God help the lost, lonely and poor. They might become like those that Jesus said he never knew.

By the way, if you want to help, please send Bibles and teachers and missionaries that want to give. 35 years, planting over 150 churches and I never asked them, those I ministered to, for a dime. Someone, please show me Jesus or Paul passing the plate.