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I am receiving more and more prayers from Americans that are falling out of middle class life and right into poverty.  In towns across the USA that are not close to larger metropolitan centers, food is disappearing from the shelves and there is no health care.  Those that lead our country do not care.  Those votes of the ultimately poor do not matter because they cannot be reached or motivated to vote.  As if voting mattered.  Folks are not aware of the electoral college and the fact that when push comes to shove, the money behind the government will simply do what they want.

So, I am headed where a pair of shoes is a gift from God and a luxury.  My daughter purchased (is paying for) this computer and I will have some solar panels prior to my departure for the ends of the earth, from here at least.  She provided me with an iPhone that is a hot spot for the puter as well and what a blessing.

Jezebel has flipped her lid and is gone.  There is peace in the small kingdom of God where I am.  My benefactor, providing my cave, is compassionate and intelligent and I do pray he will at least go with me to Jos and present Jesus Christ to the masses.

More study, bigger hard drives, more help, hope and perhaps some support.  Pray for my home church, they are fighting battles to stay alive and viable and the heat I am bringing them is not a small matter.  I am currently studying some very interesting material from Harvard, Princeton, George Washington University, Berkely, Yale and ….  oh, whatever I can find for free on the internet.  YouTube has been such a blessing.  The classes from MIT and the language classes and my goodness, this time of hiding in the cave and studying has certainly been profitable.

And, they are dying.  And they are starving.  And they are waiting to hear about Jesus and I have nothing else to live for.  Jesus died for me.  What less can I do for Him?

The funky chickens have stopped bothering me.  Why someone would believe that putting on a show for God is necessary.  Doing what God asked is already the most difficult, easy and enjoyable thing I have ever done.  Beats the marines and the Army.  A man prophesied to me and the words were good.  However the babbling, dancing, frothing at the mouth were so amusing, I had trouble to keep from laughing.  Good Lord, what we do in the name of Jesus.  Most certainly anything but “Go and make disciples.”  How amusing God is.  He gave us the brains and wherewithall to argue with him.

Bless you.

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