: Prayer Request-Overwhelmed From Horrible Week BobbyMissions : Prayer Request-Overwhelmed From Horrible Week BobbyMissions.

Today, I studied Islam.  I studied Islam because my friend Yusuf Estes, proclaims that Islam is a religion of peace.  Having been a Marine in the sixties, I now listen to our Christian leaders who said the same thing while they carpet bombed North Vietnam.  One difference though, we arrested tried and evicted the leader in the USA, a president, who offered those lies on our behalf.  Many of us detest and protest against our “Christian leaders,” that do the same today.  My friend (I call him my friend, because he is trying to reform a terrorist religion) Yusuf Estes is a convert from Christianity to an Islam that is not quite there.  Listen to him talk on YouTube and he speaks of Islam the same as I speak of Christianity.  Right idea, wrong practices.Yusuf Estes, peace unto him, really, he could change Islam (Like Martin Luther, they will probably assassinate him though)

Today, Yusuf Estes and I have to deal with the same people.  Those who take religion and make small packages of death and kill others in the name of our God.  My friend Abdul and another Solomon, face daunting tasks.  The first a Muslim and the second a Christian in the same country, may have to shoot people of their own faith for failing to love, but instead reverting to bombing, hacking and destroying each other.

So where is the rant?  Yusuf Estes religion builds fantastic Mosques and my, look at the edifices in Mecca.  Then there are the popes, the greater one in Rome and the lesser ones across the world that build grand temples to worship God but cannot find time to do what God said, to both sides.  Maybe like a diamond, to all sides of the religious matter.  Lest we forget there is the Taj Mahal, an edifice built to remind us of love used as a reason to insanely build n the face of immense world poverty.

Lets love God.

Huge Louisville Church

Taj Mahal

The grand Mosque of Mecca (Makkah)

And yet, the founders often spoke of the need to deny ourselves and to take up our burdens and that the greatest is he that dies for the least.

Christians tell the story of Osama Bin Laden.  They want to believe that he is the one who represents Islam.

Muslems speak of President Bush and his wrecking crew and say they represent Christianity.

We all speak of the insanity of the Inquisition perpetrated by the Catholic Church.

Then there are the crusades engaged in by both sides, and the list goes on and on and one.  We “Do it in the name of Heaven, yet one tin soldier rides away.”

This weekend, you can spend your time worshipping God, then going to a resturant with your friends and enjoying their company, paybe a piece of pie because it is the Lord’s day and the child, abandoned, cold and crying, is asking God to touch your heart and stop this nonsense.

In my town today, we have some of the most amazing buildings which receive the best dressed of our society, and each of them will say, “Bless me Lord, that I might be blessed.”  What would happen if they said, “Bless me Lord that I might bless others.”

Matthew 25:31-46, I sure pray the Lord picks one of my better days to come back.  God, help me obey and love those who have less.

I am praying God will bless you.  What you do with it is your problem.

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