: Prayer Request-Going to New York? Come along… BobbyMissions : Prayer Request-Going to New York? Come along… BobbyMissions.

Rachel Watts (daughter) and Jessica, her friend want to come along.

This is not a problem for me because once we get there, the truck will provide adequate living space for three. There is a porta-potti in the truck now. With adequate sleeping bags and a modicum of warmth, they will be fine. I can sleep in the cab of the truck.

They are computer literate so I would offer them some work taking care of computers. I can teach them though they do not have laptops of their own.

I have an iPhone with MiWi which provides a hot spot so we should be able to work together and produce help for whomever.

Rachel and Jessica want to go to the big city and change their lives and I know of few places where they can have as much opportunity as New York. Since they are driving a car, we will come together in a truck caravan. They would like to stay in the New York Area. There is some concern ab out where they will stay and each opportunity will be up to them but i can offer them a jump start. They will have to provide for their own gas, oil and traveling expenses unless we receive donations for them. However, it appears to be a great opportunity for them as well. Please keep everything in your prayers.

Thanks, we will keep you updated.

Used Missionary

Pastor Susan Marie Servin
Church of the Living God
6131East Highway 90
Sierra Vista, Arizona

Pastor D. James Sweet
General Overseer
The Church of The Living God
959 St. Rt. 180 Chillicothe
OH 45601
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