Another baby girl, pacemaker implant upon birth.  600,000.00 USD operation, and God is blessing them.  Children with nothing to eat, crying and dying.  God is just, God is good.  I remind myself.  This pastor needs 4,500.00 USD for operations but it is not just the operations.  After he is fixed, there is the recovery.  While he is being fixed there are the expenses for his wife and children, then rent and utilities.

Silver and Gold I have none.  I have 5 dollars and cannot get it to anyone.  I am not part of the system.  No credit cards, no way to ship money.  No money on hand.

My friends are poor and need food to live and some of my friends have been kicked out of their houses and are walking the streets in Detroit in the cold and snow.  God, I have no right to know but golly, to know and not be able to do anything?

Henry W. Wright, you know, walking in divine health?  Well he had congestive heart failure and now cannot keep his massive complex, the buildings and things going.  He needs millions to keep telling people that you can walk in Divine health.  He is just not healthy enough to minister.  Without going to collect money, he cannot keep paying the fees needs to keep the facilities open to take the money of those who come to hear about Divine health.  Without his health, he can’t make money to tell people how to be healthy, and the pastor, without operations will not be able to walk and the kids are dying of starvation and I have 5.00 and can’t send it to anyone.

My, my, my.

Your will has to be done God cuz there just isn’t any answer that I can find.  Occasionally, the world teeters on the brink and mega nations collapse leaving anarchy and confusion.  I remember when the dollar was no good in Europe.  I remember many things.  If the electricity quits, if the internet dies, if there is no supermarket or a place to shop and nothing to buy.  Ah… but my friends live that way now.  Refugees from war, living in camps.

I am praying for you.  I have a long list and then, I just sigh and tell God to use me to do the right thing.

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