And they are dieing?

Oh Lord, I told the man about Jesus and introduced him to the brothers and sisters.  Now he is fleeing for his life.  His pastors and elders are in prison (again) and I wonder if anyone cares. They are dieing, suffering and hurting.  They are my brothers, are they yours?

I watched as people spent hours getting ready to go to church.  Fine clothes, fine cars and it is as if they do not read where Jesus braided a whip, told the sellers to get out and then left, went to the street and lived with the poor, hurting and dieing.  Jesus’ family tried to put him in the nut house because he would not go back to the family business and finally, he was arrested, tortured and put to death for my sins.  He asked me to follow him.  He died for what he and I believe. 

Paul said we should live like the prisoners.  Why can’t we get it through our heads that if we wanted, we could end world hunger and change this ball of pain and suffering we live on to something nice.

  1. Feed the Hungry
  2. Give the thirsty something to drink
  3. Take in the strangers
  4. Clothe the naked
  5. Visit the hospitals and give comfort.
  6. Visit the prisons and give relie

Jesus said he was coming back and bringing the angels to witness.  Matthew 25:31-46.  The Final examination is right there. 

God help us as we build fancy buildings and live on the blood, sweat and tears of the lost, lonely and hurting.


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