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I will try an outline.

I am currently hiding in my cave.  I am spending 26 hours a day studying and when I sleep, I am downloading and recording Information as well as listening to everything I can find.  I want more training I will need later.  Making disciples is all that is important to me so I appreciate your help, your kindness and your prayers.  I am a figment of your imagination. I will be gone soon.

I should make some movies for the grand kids but anything from John Piper or Leonard Ravenhill will say what I want to say, much more eloquently.  Dr. Brown is anointed and works across the board with the whole world.  He is a good man to follow.  Please, food, clothing and equipment.  I would like a nice Macintosh Laptop but it would have to be big and strong.  Something for you to think about.

I am here for you, and you and you.  If you want to play and party, I don’t have time.  If you want to talk about … I really don’t have time.  I need to study, show myself approved of God and make disciples.  Disciplined learners who will die for their fellow man, especially those who hate Jesus.

1, Go to Jos Nigeria January 2012.  Look it up.  It is the northern most Christian Provence of Nigeria and borders on the Muslim Shara Law provinces.  Dr. John Brown is the Chancellor of 5 Bible Schools, he teaches at many more.  He has three Doctorates in Bible plus is the director of SIFAT in Africa.  John Brown Okwii, PhD, MSc, MA ,ThM is currently working on a third doctoral degree in Professional Interdisciplinary. Studies. Dr. Brown is who I want to work for, maybe wash clothes.  Dr. Brown is President of LAWNA Theological Seminary in Jos, Nigeria, West Africa.  People are dying to hear about Jesus.  I will also be working with Dr. David Joel http://davidjoelministries.weebly.com/.  I have been inundated by requests from Nigeria (of course) but Dr. Brown serves so many, and Dr. David, has been so helpful.  I will refer all to them.
2, Live with an Arabic Speaking family.  I want to learn the Nigerian and Arabic culture.  It is quite easy to find Muslim Christian Families and I want to gain a Muslim perspective.  So, I can live in Jos, a city that is more residential and resort than a Western city, live in the country right around the city and work in 5 Seminaries, teaching the Bible while living with a poor Arabic speaking family.  Can you see this?  I am serious, when you say I am changing my story, it indicates a serious lack of ability on my part to communicate. I believe the last war fought on earth is going to be religious and between followers of God, and those that follow Allah and other faiths.  Muslims killing Christians, Hindus killing Muslims, killing because we need God and many believe that taking life insures a ticket to heaven.
3,  I will be the token boy for Dr. Brown.  It is important that he have a boy around so he is listened to by his people.  Bill Cropley followed him around and became discouraged, started to fall away and became a bad witness.  I will need lots of prayer.  John asked if I want an Arabic name, maybe Sikh Yusif Bobby, that way people will not know I am an American.  My life expectancy as an American, ex Marine and US Soldier may not be long there.  I don’t mind.

A.  I am studying Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, Latin and Hausa (Nigerian).  I have spent time studying French and they seem to use that as well.  I used to read, write and speak some French, but that was back in …. wow, the early 70’s.   You remember?  I want to work at the Seminaries, teach there from a laptop with a second monitor or a projector, and then in the evening, live and work with an Arabic family that has no income and needs me.  Usually, as my family traveled working for God, we hired cripples, throw away people.  I am not so interested in production by people, but their sincere desire to love one another, and God, of course.  Look at Google Earth and you will find that though the city center is relatively new. the outskirts are poor and the hillsides are archaic.
B.  I am studying the Apostolic Doctrine as well as doctrine from the surrounding areas in Jos, and,  of course, the Qur’an.  I thought I understood Baptis doctrines till I started to study.  Then there were many questions.  As an associate pastor with the Assemblies of God, I studied the Trinity and there were questions.  Believing everything by faith kills people. I study the Apostolic Doctrines and through all of it, I have come to the understanding that loving people is more important than… wel, I suppose I am in trouble with you already.   I understand that this seems to be a lot, but it is not.  Many of the languages are so similar that I only need to remember some parts of each to be able to communicate.  Google translators and the others can be had on the computer and with a Solar briefcase or backpack, I should be able to survive, find the internet, and teach others.  2 Tim 2:2.
C.  Doc. Okwii (all of Nigeria) needs money.  Dr. John Brown Okwii has three doctorates and is in charge of 5 seminaries and is so cool.  Frannie introduced me and I fell in love with him and his work. He reminds me of Theodore but he is much better looking than Ted.  My being there and being computer literate should help.  I believe I can raise support and do a Salmon Khan (khanacademy.org) type of Bible Study there that will reach the people in their own language and ethnos.  Ethnos (in Greek: ????? “nation”) may refer to: Ethnic group · Ethnos (newspaper), local communications.  Everyone needs money.  That is why I am living as frugally as possible.  I am living as modest as I can and you know that even this is rich compared to the places you have been.  You may not remember because it is very hard to reconcile your friends that eat dirt and live between buildings and what is going on around you now.  It is coming to America.  The poverty has struck hard and I have many friends here who are not bag men and women because they lost the American dream.  It has now become the American Scream (nightmare, waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to do anything about poverty)
D.  It is easy to find fault.  I want to bless Doc Okwii and Dr. David Joel, please pray that I am able to do so.  I would like to use some the Faith Lessons DVDs. The value of these DVDs cannot be over emphasized.   I do not have a postal box number,  but will be living in Jos, Plateau state, Nigeria, W.A.  It is easy to fault the poverty, lack of electricity and difficulties. I am willing to live very poorly.  I would like a set of the DVDs as well as some hard drives, 3 or 4 terabyte so I can help them.  My focus is on denying oneself and going to those who do not know Jesus.
E.  I will need money to bless Dr. Brown and his work.  I have Video of him and his work and he is worth dying for because he works for Jesus.  I will be making DVDs and presentations for him so he can reach his people and his people (the world) are my people.
F.  I am at the end of my life.  I would like to leave this world and go to Jesus, quickly.  The pain is not good.  However, I have skills that I can lend to Dr. Okwii and look forward to doing that.  I am currently cutting DVDs of him and his work.  I am not a good person.  Sorry.  However, when the Marines dressed me and empowered me, I was able to do some amazing things.  When the US Army told me to do things, people listened because of the uniform and the gun.  Now I have Jesus, the Holy Spirit and though I am still just me, when I walk with them, they are important.  I have seen many countries and started many churches.  Still, I might be fortunate to find that there were disciples which remained faithful.  So many go the way of the world.
G.  I want to visit folks and get things for Nigeria. There is a church, iBethel and they tell me that God is healing there.  I would like to visit there and Dr. Brown will let me work with him.  When I was a Marine, sitting around shooting the bull, talking about nothing, was never pleasant.  I attended classes and training which equipped me to kill.  The Army taught me law, but Jesus taught me life.  I need to go.  If you cannot, send me.  With Jesus, there is indeed, help, hope and a future.
I just attended a seminar/conference but they are terribly concerned about copyright.  I think that they have something but I have no idea how to apply it.  Perhaps using the same material from other folks will prove more beneficial.  I have gone through the material extensively and it appears to be a personality cult.  More later.
G.  I need a van (for a year).  I want to travel and talk to people.  I would love to travel with a small team.  I want to visit my home church in Ohio before I leave.

The following links help me a whole bunch.

http://www.thenarrowpath.com/ Steve Gregg is a well balanced teacher with some rocks in his head.  I use his material and we discuss the rocks in his head which, by the way, are much smaller than the boulders in mine.

I would like these DVDs  http://www.faithlessons.net/product_reviews_info.php?products_id=7&reviews_id=1&osCsid=f3b3a5





I Need,, support, external hard drives, a headphone with a good microphone for recording and a solar backpack or briefcase to work with this computer.  Of course, I would love to start a computer centered training program but, one cannot ask for everything.  I noticed God answers about half of my requests so I keep doubling them.  I need a visa, support, equipment and then, help from people who would like to send me home.

I have nothing that is “mine,” because I feel a need to feed the world.  I have a lot to do.  I need to get prayer requests from the church, it’s my home.

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