AFP: Blood, flesh and tears at Nigerian church hit by blast

AFP: Blood, flesh and tears at Nigerian church hit by blast.

I am amazed at the  teaching I am receiving this trip in the USA.  Name-it-and-claim-it.

The bondage we are under to ourselves.  It is as though we are in charge.  What we say will come to pas.  Guard every word, every act, walk the straight and narrow path.  As though it all depended on us.  I am frightened by the things that are being taught, the fear that is being laid on our backs as we carefully consider each and every word.

Sigh.  My friends, brothers and sisters, on both sides of the fence, Arab and Christian, and Jew, are being destroyed by their own actions and hatred is being delivered by everyone.  Can I trust an Arab?  Yes, I can because I believe that God is there and my life is spent.  Can I believe a Christian?  Again, Jew, Christian, Arab, Hindu, all are trying to say that they are the only way to God and I find myself thinking that God must be very amused.

Not amused at the death and destruction we put upon ourselves, but amused that we think we are so strong that we can take the world in our own hands.  Yes, it is true, we can kill each other, say the wrong things and be horribly bad but the point is that God is God.  Each religion is built up of its own factions.  Hindus hating other Hindus because the elephant need be white and I must kill you if you are not the same flavor of Hindu I am.
I picture Jesus, at the trial of the adulterous woman.  The Jews were there and wanted death, the Romans were there and wanted amusement.  The disciples were there and wanted understanding and the children were there wondering what it was all about and Jesus simply said, oops, she made a mistake, lets love one another.
My country taught me that anyone with slanted eyes who spoke in a language I did not understand, needed to die.  As a Marine I would kill anyone, even my comrade simply because I thought they should die.  That is what war is about.  We are righter than you are and I know that should circumstances be presented where you were sure I should die, you would kill me.
I hope that I am done killing though when someone comes to me shreeking about the need to positively confess my beliefs in life, I wonder why God selectively allows us to kill each other.
In America, we don’t need war to kill.  We have cars and bathrooms, the bane of insurance people.  We are intent on killing each other daily.
Today, I have peace in my heart.  Jezebel came to me and thanked me for helping her.  Today I am her friend.  Tomorrow, I am sure she will be angry and condemn me again but.  You see, sigh…..
Today I have coffee.  The internet is working and there is something to eat.  Thankfully, I am content.  At least at the moment.
I am going to Jos and a friend, a disciple from 30 years ago will go with me.  We will talk to people about Jesus, never knowing who we will offend.  It might be an Arab, a Jew, a Christian fanatic that knows our doctrine is demonic or, it might be you, convinced that I need not live any longer.
Please love one another.  Please.
I will ramble more later.  I keep a journal that is a bit more frank.  By the way, I like Frank, he is a good guy.  Frank, if you are reading this, I would love it if you would go to Nigeria with me.  I need soldiers who know how to kill, and that killing is not necessary.  It is so difficullt to work with people who are afraid that they might say the wrong thing or believe the wrong thing or, heavens forbid, made a mistake as a child they cannot quiet rememeber or, an ancient historical member of the family was a.. …. oh my God, generationnally cursed…
Bless you all.

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