Welcome to my world...


Wow, I did not ever figure I would make it to becoming an old man of 61.  I thought God would have dusted me by now.

US Marines - great place to learn to obey.

US Army - great place to study.

Life - great place to practice God’s commandments.

So, you are here.  What can I do for you?  I can do a lot.  Been around the world and have done so many things.  Ask, lets talk about what you need to do what you were made to do, working for God and extending the love of God through Jesus Christ.

I am a fundamental pentecostal fellow with very, very strong opinions and don’t mind arguing about anything.  We will end up talking about God and what He made you for.  I would love to help you hang around Matthew 5, 6 and 7 so it might cost you your life.

Missions.  Nothing but loving, accepting, forgiving and helping

Hanoi, my children dressed like Hmong so they could work with them.

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