the (dead) church

You would think that every church is involved. Sadly, many people are involved but involved in buying and using child prostitutes. Our nation teaches babies to have sex by planned parenthood and offers no moral restraints. Unfortunately, the church, deemed a solution, empowered by Jesus, does nothing. I belong to many churches and sadly have planted churches who choose to sing and dance rather than become involved in reality.

The United States FBI arrested 159 child traffickers in a three-day sting operation last month. 105 kids were rescued. Bill Blacquiere, President of Bethany Christian Services, says this is a wake-up call. “These arrests by the FBI I think have brought to people’s attention that child trafficking goes on here in the United States.” Bethany has a trauma and torture counseling center “to help children who have been victims of trafficking, and we refer to them as survivors.” They also sponsor kids at risk overseas. “Children can stay with their families and stay in school. Without that, parents sometimes are talked to about releasing their child for what the trafficker would say is to give them job training.” The Gospel message is Bethany’s driving force. “We demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus Christ by providing them families, counseling, and showing them what it really means to be loved and cared for.”

If your church is not involved, maybe it is not a church but a place to hang out, sing and murmur and gossip, not a place to worship and work for God. I go and listen to sermons and there is nothing about the news and no call to commitment. There is a war going on but what you find is fun and fellowship (not with persecuted saints or those who give their lives for the Gospel).

Try. Listen, take notes and find out what you are expected to do. If the answer is fellowship and giving money, you are in the wrong place.

Rule of the strongest or men with guns

Change the names of the country to the USA and the areas to Atlanta or Detroit and you will see why the Muslim Brotherhood (notice I did not say all Muslims.) The brotherhood will kill you in the name of peace.  They believe that the only way to have peace is for everyone to bow to Islam and themselves as the law.

The news!!

Islamists menaced a Christian neighborhood in the south over the weekend. When the smoke cleared, 15 people were hurt, and several homes along with a church were burned. E3 Partners Middle East expert Tom Doyle says Muslim Brotherhood blame the Christians for their fall from grace. “They really can’t do anything to the military at this point, because the military is so strong. So they’re going after Christians. They’re unleashing their anger on Christians.” So far, Islamist vengeance hasn’t really been deterred. That reality is chilling, says Doyle. “God is their protector there because they cannot depend on the government.” Even though thousands are fleeing, you can interceed on their behalf.

Believe me, if you ever live in a closed country, I have for 11 years and be notified that they (whoever) are coming to get you (and they did) it is a very unsettling situation.  Many Christians in China, Vietnam, Egypt, … are in prison, for life or many years because they are Christian.

Relax and sleep and you will find yourself overrun by Islamists, communists, politicians or pushers.