People are dieing waiting for you to do something.

I hear you. I see you sing, dance and shout about your love of God. I know your priorities.

Lets see, what is it God said? Oh yeah

Jesus said,
“IF – Anything or anyone comes first before God: order of first things
IF – You prefer your own life: idolatry = self-love
IF – You do not bear your own cross: not Calvary’s cross
IF – You do not follow Jesus: Lordship/Submission
IF – You do not count the cost: (not the assets)
IF – You do not forsake all: Set affections above
IF – You do not continue in the Word: Living the Word
IF – You do not love one another: Selfish in giving, sharing
IF – You do not bear fruit: Must abide in the vine

Luke, a doctor working with Paul penned these quotes from Jesus. Ignore them if you want.

Matthew, a tax collector penned a transcription of a speech of Jesus, in 25:31-46, choose you this day what is important, your life depends on it.

If you cannot go, send me. I will go with or without your permission, support or concern. Know this, God sent Jesus to die for me and I am not here to live happy and die in peace. This country kills babies, destroys women, plans abortion, promotes idolatry and I think is as bad as the Roman Empire. Jesus answer was to move to the streets. I think it is a good plan.

If I die…

End of life conversations happen in families where kids and elderly live in community.  Today we separate ourselves from pain and frustrations and instead of facing life, we run.

Talking with most folks, you have to lie or just not talk to them.  If you hurt, you say you are OK.  If you are sad, you have to say “it’s OK.”

If you die now, have you said “Goodbye.” to everyone you should?

Are you living a lie?  If you are prepared to die and start doing things you wanted to do before you die, you can live.  Do something now that you always wanted to do and then you won’t have to die wishing you had.

My friends in Northern Nigeria die because they go to church.  Now, that’s dedication.

Die changing the world.

Sorry, I follow a loser

Why do we like successful people? There the best. They want something, they go for it, they give it their all. That is why the Olympics is exciting.

Jesus knew this. He sent his disciples out by twos and told them to change the world. Our heroes are Football players, Tennis players, those folks who gave it their all. Sorry, no Jesus there. Sadly, helping the poor and denying yourself is just not heroic. Or is it?

Every religion believes that in the end, it is self denial and service to those in need that will win the race, the award, the prize. However, we spend our day talking about everything else.

What did Jesus say that pleased God. Do you know? Do you take verses from the Bible and make role models of people that look nothing like Jesus.

Jesus came to …. buy his own airplane? I know it sounds ridiculous but then why do we honor, worship, esteem those that do? Stepping over the poor, needy and hungry, we do what Jesus told us not to do? Help me. Something is wrong.

When you are sick and in need, send 1000.00 to someone with a Rolls Royce, Rolex and a private airplane. They must be closer to God, look at what they have.

Do not look at Jesus, he was a failure and not a good example of God’s goodness on earth. He was a looser bound for prison and hell and he told everyone he was. For you. Yes, he did it for you.

So go ahead, make this life the best you can. Ignore God and the commands of Christ. Everybody does it, don’t they?